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There was much to be excited about, growing up as a kid in the late seventies and early eighties; Subbuteo, Chopper Bikes, Dracula ice pops, Grange Hill…but especially music.  There was such a diverse mix of music to be heard in the charts – with an accompanying variety of styles to be seen on the streets.  When I wasn’t kicking a football out on the road, I spent much of my time listening to the family AM radio and recording songs with static interference on my trusty tape recorder.

We had only a handful of television stations and you’d have to scour the newspapers or TV guides to see which programmes may offer up some music.  Thursday evenings meant Top of the Pops and it would mean so much to see the band you followed climbing up the charts.  Fortunately for me, ‘my band’ had an uncanny ability to notch up hit after hit.

From 1979 to 1986, Madness spent a whopping 241 weeks in the UK singles charts as they became the first band ever to see their first 20 singles reach the UK Top 20.  They were of course famed for their brilliantly executed videos which were smart, original and funny but their television appearances were often just as enjoyable to watch, they were just not as often seen.  So, what started out as a few scribbles on a piece of paper one evening morphed into this project, documenting all of their TV appearances worldwide between 1979 and 1986.

And here’s the list.  I’m not claiming it’s complete however hopefully it’s not far off.  The dates provided are either when the appearances were filmed or broadcast, sometimes shows were broadcast live of course.  There are gaps to fill in and I’ll try do updates from time to time, any extra information would of course be much appreciated!

I’ve included details of some official VHS releases as clips from these would’ve been shown on TV programmes.  I have however left out programmes where only promo videos were shown.  There were some performances recorded but never broadcast so I haven’t gone there either.  Performances were generally mimed unless I’ve stated otherwise.  I’m afraid I can’t provide copies of appearances (I haven’t seen many of them myself), for sale or otherwise.  This is simply a list which may be of interest to some of you out there.  I will however post links to appearances which I can find online and upload some others when I can too.  Be sure to check out the ‘Credits’ page, you may find some interesting links there.

Mr. Wheeze


Last updated: 06/12/22

25 thoughts on “Hello, good evening and welcome…”

  1. Great 1982 update, will give the site a second plug in MIS this weekend.

    A couple i didnt know about in there. I can add there is a 1982 appearance on ” Data Run ” that must be about June 1982 ish as it uses house of fun, as a backdrop sound as the band dress up and perform magic tricks in escapade joke shop. I can show you it on youtube if you want a screen grab picture.

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    1. That’d be great, many thanks for that Jon…a lot of people have only found the site thanks to MIS. No, I haven’t seen that Data Run clip so if you do have a link, please send it on. There was a short Data Run clip on youtube at one point but it was from a shoe shop with ‘Los Palmas 7’ playing in the background. And three of the band also appeared on Data Run around Christmas 1983 but no definitely ‘House of Fun’ played on that one either.


  2. Your welcome, any time you want a plug about updates in MIS just let us know.

    Data run – house of fun. We screened at house of fun weekend. 2012 its in this fan film we made called happy returns.

    You will find the clip around the 22 minute mark.

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      1. Just checked it out and it seems to be from early 1983. Data Run only started with the launch of TV-AM in February 1983…and Chas’ post HOF beard is a bit of a giveaway too. I’ll put 1983 up on the site this weekend


  3. Just came across this page researching the video for “Sweetest Girl” after watching the new “Chernobyl” series. As a kid, my mum always told me that the video was a reference to the disaster. But from what I’m gathering, the video was shot *just* before the disaster, so there can be no link.. only coincidence? Do you have any further info on shooting dates for the video that might settle the theory once and for all?


    1. The video was recorded in January so no link there. I always thought a pumping station was a strange choice as a setting for that video but I guess at that stage they were running out of ideas


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