06/09/79      The Prince (Top of the Pops)

No earthquake may have been erupting (erm, isn’t it volcanoes that…) but the sound of 2 Tone was about to shake up the charts.  A fresh-faced Madness, with Suggs and Bedders still only 18, debut on this not-to-be-missed chart show and it’s an exciting, confident and original performance, typified by Chas and his dance stances.  Host, Peter Powell gets some help with the band’s introduction from a skinhead from the audience who is standing next to him, proudly showing off his braces.  A leathered Cliff Richard, meanwhile banishes everyone from his stage area as he sings his no. 1 towards the end of the show however Suggs’ suit can be spotted sitting in the background before skulking off on realising it’s within camera range.

Madness - The Prince Top of the Pops 6/9/79

Click here to see: The Prince (Top of the Pops) 06/09/79

Click here to see: Intro to The Prince (Top of the Pops) 06/09/79

Click here to see: Suggs’ Suit Stage Invasion (Top of the Pops) 06/09/79

20/09/79      The Prince (Top of the Pops)

Now in the Top 40, Madness are on Top of the Pops again with this porky prime cut and it’s a somewhat similar performance to last time out.  Suggs and Chas are looking sharp suited out front again while Lee’s saxophone has impressively grown from baby to baritone in just two weeks.  Madness had already signed to Stiff Records at this point, with whom they would charm their way into the charts over the next five years.


Click here to see: The Prince (Top of the Pops) 20/09/79 

 08/11/79      One Step Beyond (Top of the Pops)

The 2-Tone tour is underway and Madness appear on the same edition of Top of the Pops as former label mates, The Specials and The Selecter.  With Chas on the mic for this one, Suggs takes on sax duties with Lee who in turn leads the band on a ‘nutty train’ through a fez wearing audience.  All except Woody that is, who stays put behind the kit, next to his cardboard chum, Walt Jabsco.  This performance was repeated on the show two weeks later.


Click here to see: One Step Beyond (Top of the Pops) 08/11/79

00/11/79      One Step Beyond/Swan Lake (Magpie)

Suggs goes AWOL (a Chelsea away day?) so the band go live and instrumental! The broadcast date appears to be either 16th or 20th November, just before they set off on their first US tour. Apologies for the poor quality of the clip I have posted but it’s the only one of any length I’ve ever been able to track down. Some extra information has surfaced thanks to some of you out there looking in; it seems Mick Robertson questioned Chas about violence on the 2 Tone Tour and there was some input too from the audience before “Swan Lake” was performed as the credits rolled. Sadly it seems that this particular episode of ITV’s groovier answer to BBC’s Blue Peter didn’t escape the wrath of the archive wiping police but hopefully it may still exist out there via someone’s home recording.

Madness on Magpie 1979

Click here to see: One Step Beyond (Magpie) 00/11/79

11/12/79      Bed & Breakfast Man/Night Boat to Cairo (The Old Grey Whistle Test)

“Shut up, listen and dance”…after a broken guitar string, Take 2 sees Madness skank their way through their homage to John Hasler before Lee’s foghorn sax signals the ‘Night Boat to Cairo’ and the stage is overtaken by some sort of dance explosion.  It’s winter and probably chilly outside as Suggs dons his crombie overcoat, bowler hat and scarf. This still ranks as one of Madness’ best live television performances, probably my all time favourite anyway…and so good that the programme earned a repeat showing on BBC2 the following evening.


Click here to see: Bed & Breakfast Man (The Old Grey Whistle Test) 11/12/79

Click here to see: Night Boat to Cairo (The Old Grey Whistle Test) 11/12/79

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